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Jenna Behrendt

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Jenna Behrendt is a Research Associate at the Center for Global Sustainability (CGS). Her work focuses on integrated quantitative analysis and modeling of energy systems, land use, and related issues at the center of climate and sustainability debates. Before joining CGS, Jenna coordinated renewable energy projects and led youth climate leadership programs at the New York City (NYC) Department of Education. She also interned at the NYC Mayor's Office of Sustainability and the US EPA, and worked for a Community Choice Energy provider in Santa Clara County, CA. Jenna has a Master's degree in Environmental Science & Policy from Columbia University and a Bachelor's degree in Natural Resources from Cornell University. She enjoys hiking, cooking vegetarian meals and reading fiction.

Rising to meet the ambition set out by our global climate commitments demands accelerated actions and commitments between all actors across our society: states, cities, businesses, universities, faith groups, and more. These sum-of-society actors have incredible leverage to impact the trajectory of greenhouse gas emissions, innovate across our economy, and accelerate the speed of the global clean energy transition.

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Successfully addressing the climate crisis while achieving sustainable development goals will require carefully constructed strategies to enact rapid economic transitions to a cleaner economy—tailored to national circumstances and priorities. The Center for Global Sustainability has deep expertise in country-specific analytical and policy approaches across key sectors and in support of a 1.5°C-pathway.

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