CGS Director at 1.5 Degree Conference in Oxford

In September, CGS Director Nathan Hultman presented at the “1.5 Degrees: Meeting the Challenges of the Paris Agreement” conference held at Oxford University. The event was hosted by the Environmental Change Institute and aimed at gathering together academics and policymakers from around the world to discuss accelerating ambitions for climate change reduction beyond the 2 degree target set in the Paris Agreement. Dr. Hultman presented a poster at the conference titled, “Making Paris Work: Accelerating Ambition beyond 2025 through Improved Global INDC Practice” discussed the need for greater connections between policymakers, scientists and climate modelers.


CGS Director Presents Keynote at GHG Modeling Forum

In late September, Dr. Hultman presented the keynote address at the 8th annual Forestry and Agriculture Greenhouse Gas Modeling Forum. The Forum, which is an international effort hosted by the EPA, the USDA, and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, brings together researchers and analysts from across North America to discuss forecasts and innovations in land use emissions. The event allows participants to share models and best practices across sectors and regions to effectively address the climate issues facing these actors.

Dr. Hultman’s keynote focused on U.S. policies regarding land use and how they fit into the context of the United States’ contribution to the Paris Agreement. He discussed how land use carbon sinks currently offset 13% of the U.S.’s; a share that will likely increase until 2025. In 2013, land sector carbon offset 900 metric tons of CO2 equivalent. He argued for policy enhancement of conservation and growth of forests among other critical strategies for preserving natural carbon sinks.


SPP Representation at GEF Global Commons Meeting

The Global Environment Facility, the green financing organization started by the United Nations and the World Bank, convened an international summit to discuss issues regarding the global commons last week which featured multiple SPP actors. The meeting was opened by SPP Professor Dr. Rosina Bierbaum opened the meeting which was held at the National Academy of Sciences in DC on the 11th and 12th of October, as well as facilitating a panel on Climate Systems. Dr. Bierbaum is a member GEF Science and Technical Advisory Panel, as well as SPP Professor Anand Patwardhan.

On the second day of the conference, SPP Dean Robert Orr participated in a panel on coalition building and the advantage of public-private partnerships in the effort to fight climate change. Dean Orr is well known for his multi-stakeholder approach to problem solving in his time at the United Nations and has been instrumental in bringing this idea into the curriculum at the school of public policy. The panel itself reflected this approach, with representation from the public and private sector.