Focus Areas

The Center for Global Sustainability, based at the University of Maryland, informs global, national, and local discussions on climate, energy, economic development, and sustainability. Our location in Washington, D.C., research network, international policy expertise, and connections with key countries ensure that our research has immediate and significant impact on global and national policy processes. The Center's work is organized around four topical areas that draw upon existing strengths at the University, with the integrative goal to facilitate policy design and multi-stakeholder implementation.

Climate Policy

The Center focuses on practical assessment of national actions and global emissions trajectories in the context of the international climate regime. This process requires support for both the development and evaluation of the national targets and the assessment of the aggregate targets in the context of global long-term emissions goals. The Center’s affiliates and our collaborators bring a unique combination of analytical tools and policy experience – including areas like INDC assessment and evaluation and integrated assessment modeling. 

Energy Pathways

The Center focuses on accelerating the development and deployment of clean energy technologies. It includes assessment of emerging technologies, effective policies, and financing models that can support their development and deployment both in the United States and in diverse development contexts. The Center brings particular strengths to comparative energy policy and energy technology pathways in the context of climate mitigation.


Health & EcosystemS

Ecosystem services, including clean water and air, and carbon storage, are vital to ensuring health. Our approach draws from expertise on climate co-benefits, development, forestry, and finance to identify and develop practical implementation options for countries and communities. The Center builds on the scientific capabilities of the University of Maryland in areas like land use change, forests, agriculture, ecosystem services, and health.

Adaptation & Resilience

Advancing the climate change adaptation agenda requires mainstreaming resilience considerations into sectoral, local and national policies. Because financing adaptation at scale is a relatively new challenge, there is opportunity for better integrating evidence-based design, and more systematic approaches to project assessment and prioritization. The Center and our affiliates and collaborators have expertise in adaptation issues from a scientific and policy perspective, including finance.