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ANNOUNCEMENT: Michael Bloomberg announces $2.3 million to CGS, partners for new phase of “America’s Pledge” to address subnational climate action in US & beyond

College Park, MD - May 24, 2019 - Today, Michael R. Bloomberg, the United Nations Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Climate Action, and this year’s commencement speaker for the University of Maryland, announced the funding of $2.3 million to the University of Maryland’s Center for Global Sustainability (CGS) and the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) to evaluate and analyze current US greenhouse gas emissions reductions.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Governments of Denmark & Canada partner with CGS on “Closing the Investment Gap” initiative

College Park, MD - May 24, 2019 - To meet the targets of global climate agreements and countries’ sustainable development goals (SDGs), annual investments of nearly US $1 trillion in sustainable infrastructure are necessary from now until 2030. However, the investment gap in this funding is significant and persisting. Center for Global Sustainability (CGS) Professor Irv Mintzer is leading the partnership with the Government of Denmark and Government of Canada to tackle that US$ 1 trillion number with a new phase of the Initiative on Closing the Investment Gap in Sustainable Infrastructure (the CIG Initiative).

POLICY BRIEF: Coal’s emissions shadow: meeting climate goals requires cancelling all proposed coal power plants and accelerating the retirement of existing fleets

College Park — May 23, 2019 — The world is facing a critical moment to increase global ambition to address climate change, using all the resources at our disposal, and including all levels of government and all actors. A key and readily available aspect of this strategy is to rapidly reduce coal power production worldwide, which would bring multiple benefits to human health and the environment. The most immediate and potentially low-cost opportunity is to simply avoid building the large number of coal-fired power plants that have been proposed, but not yet built. Download here.

ANNOUNCEMENT: CGS researcher Lucy Qiu receives grant from Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

College Park, MD - April 28, 2019 - The multidisciplinary study will seek to quantify the public and private costs and benefits of a switch to heat pumps via a combination of system engineering and econometric approaches. The results will create new knowledge and help policy makers better match policy to the costs and benefits of heat pump adoptions in different regions. 

ANNOUNCEMENT: CGS Director Nate Hultman discusses the current global movement demanding climate action from national governments on BBC

College Park — April 24, 2019 — “Cities, states businesses, communities of faith and others are stepping up, and in their own institutional contexts, and driving forward via policy or decisions that they’re taking more ambitious climate action,” said Director Nate Hultman. View his full interview here.

NEW REPORT: New report details how energy investors, modelers, and policymakers can work together to accelerate climate change mitigation

College Park — April 22, 2019— The University of Maryland Center for Global Sustainability today launched a new report on how combining technical and policy perspectives of clean energy innovation can enable more effective decision-making for climate change mitigation.  The report highlights key findings from a workshop supported by the UMD Global Sustainability Initiative and Dr. John P. Holdren, which brought together nearly 40 leading academic researchers, modelers, investors, and policymakers in clean energy innovation.

ANNOUNCEMENT: CGS launches new tool for universities to convene diverse stakeholders for climate action

College Park — April 5, 2019— This new tool produced by CGS, UMD Global Sustainability Initiative, and the University Climate Change Coalition (UC3), provides guidelines for universities to harness their neutral and respected platform to convene diverse stakeholders and connect research, education, policy, and meaningful action on climate change. New research, innovations, and ideas nurtured in the university context can leverage action much more broadly, building and scaling from local to global—and thereby contributing to tackling policy challenges at all levels.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Green tech startups see boost in patents and investment when partnering with government - study

College Park — March 18, 2019— Collaboration between government and startups could help meet the climate challenge while growing small businesses, say researchers. Findings could inform discussions on Green New Deal or any “forward-looking policy package.”

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CGS Director, Nate Hultman, shared his thoughts on the recent Maryland Clean Energy Jobs Ac becoming law and praised this bold step that the state legislature took to generate a climate-friendly and job-creating future for Maryland.

CGS Director, Nathan Hultman, weighs in on the International Energy Agency’s 2018 Global Energy and CO2 Status Report by pointing out some positive developments in the energy industry such as solar and wind deployment rates and energy efficiency improvements.

New research from Assistant Research Professor, Kavita Surana, and co-authors was featured in Forbes. The new report titled “Governments as partners: The role of alliances in U.S. cleantech startup innovation” was published in Research Policy and finds that government-startup alliances in clean energy are very effective.

SPP professor Yueming (Lucy) Qiu co-authored a piece in Energy about the optimal locations for electric vehicle charging stations. The authors use a location model that minimizes the social cost and incorporates factors such as land cost, construction costs, road traffic flow, power grid conditions, and the environment.

CGS PhD student Xingchi Shen co-authored a piece in Energy Policy with NIH fellow, Shoujun Lyu, which analyzed panel data from Chinese provinces that show the positive and negative influences of different stakeholders and policies on the Chinese wind industry.

SPP professor Yueming (Lucy) Qiu  co-authored a report in Energy Economics about the impact that voluntary green certification has on building energy performance, especially new findings about occupant energy consumption.

CGS Director Nathan Hultman was quoted in The New York Times commenting on the Center’s work on the America’s Pledge report and the need for both federal and state climate action. 

CGS Director Nathan Hultman co-authored a perspective in Nature Climate Change providing recommendations for evaluating non-state and subnational climate actions through five main areas of research and methodological development.

Dan Nees, CGS Senior Research Associate for Resilience, was featured in a story for the Capital Gazette discussing the importance of financing resilience in the face of climate change in Annapolis, Maryland.

CGS Director, Nate Hultman, was quoted in a piece on WIRED about the role of China in COP24 negotiations and in fighting climate change.

CGS researcher, Yueming (Lucy) Qiu, co-authored a paper that analyzed surveys completed by facility managers in the U.S. about the prevalence of the energy performance gap – the discrepancy between the predicted and the realized energy savings after buildings adopt energy-efficient technologies.

CGS researcher, Yueming (Lucy) Qiu, co-authored a paper showing that the use of hourly electricity data to analyze green buildings provides a better estimate of the savings and emissions reductions that can be achieved by buildings going green.

CGS researcher, Yueming (Lucy) Qiu, co-authored a paper comparing building energy codes and policies in the U.S., Germany, and China and how these countries are progressing toward a net-zero building goal.

CGS Director, Nate Hultman, was quoted in an article discussing the release of the report “Fulfilling America’s Pledge: How States, Cities and Businesses are Leading the United States to a Low-Carbon Future”.

Jae Edmonds, CGS Researcher, co-authored a report about the need for climate change mitigation scenarios to speak to more audiences such as companies and financial institutions. Collaboration between scenario producers and stakeholders will be mutually beneficial - educating new communities on climate risks and recalibrating models for real world needs.

CGS Faculty, Kavita Surana, analyzes competitively determined prices of solar PV projects with colleagues from the World Bank in a March 2018 report in Energy Policy.

CGS Director, Nate Hultman, and CGS Faculty, Jae Edmonds, authored a policy brief on the role of modeling and scenario development for developing national long-term low GHG emission development strategies in the new Long-term Climate Strategies platform organized by WRI, UNDP, the 2050 Pathways Platform, and the NDC Partnership.

Nate Hultman, CGS Director, CGS Faculty and Affiliates, Gokul Iyer, Leon Clarke, James Edmonds, and Haewon McJeon, and others co-authored a letter in Nature Climate Change about the implications of sustainable development considerations for comparability across nationally determine contributions.

Nate Hultman, CGS Director, co-authored an op-ed in The Hill with Paul Bodnar about the US missing its biennial update on our progress in reducing GHG emissions.